The Subversive Sandwich.

Once you’ve bought your lunch sit down, take the weight off and think about our fine City for a few minutes. You deserve it, and even if don’t, what the hell, life’s too short.

And while you’re enjoying your sandwich you might like to gaze down towards University College and contemplate that Percey Shelley probably did much the same thing back in his college days – although it didn’t help him much as, gifted as he was, he was technically invited to leave, and he died young too. (Although that was probably because by that time he was hanging around with a certain Mr Byron – who batted for the other side. Cambridge that is.)

Cafe Non Regi.

Oxford became the seat of the monarchy from 1642-1646 after Charles I detected a slightly negative atmosphere towards him around parliament back in London. Unfortunately, this precaution didn’t stop him from eventually losing his head, which was a bit inconvenient, particularly as it meant that he just missed attending
Oxford’s opening of England’s very first coffee house in 1651. Still we’d like to think that he’d approve of the way that the concept eventually developed.